About the Website


Welcome to Training Engine,a modern training plan organizer that will make your training easier to plan and track.

Training Engine is an easy to use website to keep your training on track and keep all your training information in one place. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a just starting your journey, our website can help get you to the next level. Your goals are our goals and together we can make them happen.


Coaches of all sports can use our website to organize all the training plans for their athletes in one place and check on the progress of each athlete individually. Each of your athletes need an individual plan? No problem, our website allows you to customize the workouts to the individual and see how they are doing compared to the rest of the team.


With the use of our website, you can see your individual workouts for the day, week or month and are able to see the progress happen. Your program will be tailored individually for your goals and what you want to improve. Your performance will be monitored and workouts will be adjusted accordingly.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a gym regular or a dedicated runner, our website can organize your workouts and track your progress. Using our website makes it easy to keep track of what you are doing for each of your workouts, see the improvements you are making, and what you can work on to get even better. Seeing all your information in one place can help to keep you honest and on track with your workouts and help you make the progress you have always wanted to make!

Our Team

Symon Stowe

Symon is an Engineering student from Carleton University with a background in competitive skiing, running and track and field. With years of experience training and competing, Symon has a knowledge base of how competitive sports work and the training regimes associated with them. Through training himself and constantly being in the competitive sport scene, he has very valuable knowledge in the preparation and competing phases of training.

Warren Vibert-Adams

Warren is a Kinesiology student from the University of Guelph-Humber with a background in many team sports and general fitness. With experience in training athletes, gym regulars and people of all ages, Warren is able to create programs, provide advice and help people of all backgrounds. Through training himself and others, coaching teams and his schoolwork, he has gained a base of knowledge that helps achieve results in his clients and players.